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Welcome to E-Scripts.co.uk.
This site is for registered pharmacies and pharmacists only.

We provide an online private prescription service to independent pharmacies for a range of prescription medicines that are safe for our doctors to prescribe using tried and tested online medical assessment procedures.

The service is fast and effective and available to you the pharmacist during normal working hours. The service is designed to allow you to provide your patients with a private prescription for a range of regularly requested prescription medicines without the need for your patient to leave your pharmacy to visit a Doctors surgery.

Once you have signed up to our service you will be able to generate private prescriptions for you patients in three easy steps as follows.


The pharmacist selects the treatment required from the list of treatments available. At this point he will be presented with an online medical assessment form for the patient. After filling in the patient details the patient will then be required to answer a number of medical questions pertinent to the medicine being requested. Once this form is completed it is instantaneously sent to one of our Doctors.


Our doctor will review the form in real time and as long as it is appropriate will issue the required prescription in real time.


The prescription will be electronically delivered to your pharmacy computer which allows you to print a hard copy and dispense the medicine immediately to your patient.

There is a small cost per prescription for this service. For detailed costs please see our pricing policy which is displayed whilst your are creating your account Creating an account will not commit you to any expense this only happens when you decide to use the service.

You will need a credit or debit card to use our service.